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Green Tea is Awesome!I don’t know about you, but I have been looking for a lot of different ways to stay healthy, whether it’s through the foods I eat, the liquids I drink or the vitamins I take, not too mention exercise, and always feel let down.

Let’s start with the foods we eat. I have noticed over the past 2-3 years, that I have grown an intolerance to gluten based products, or those that have a heavy component of wheat in them. It was literally like one day I was eating all the pasta, bread and whole wheat cereals I could, then finding that every time I ate any one of these, my tummy would bloat and I would just feel yuck, tired and fat to put it bluntly. Why is this? Why have I been able to consume all of these wheat-based foods for years and then all of a sudden (or as it would seem) I’m unable to do so?

What about the hot chocolates, chai latte’s and green tea’s we drink, not too mention coffee! Plus all those fruit juices and alcoholic beverages… anything with a milk base seems to send my body into overdrive and again, bloating and feeling fat occurs. I grew up on a farm for goodness sake! I lived on milk, so why now is my body reacting this way?

It would seem that the companies that are mass producing the products we consume on a daily basis are fighting to keep up with the demand. What we used to eat when we were 5 years old barely resembles (on a composite level) what we are eating today. For example, white flour and whole wheat flour. These types of flours can be found in breads and pasta’s, not to mention pizza bases or anything bread based. These are a large portion of our daily consumption – they are a staple in our diets. Looking into this further, we can find out that the flour we are consuming now, is vastly different from the flour we consumed as kids. The flour we are exposed to today has been genetically modified so that the wheat production has increased to meet the demands of the masses. You can learn more about by reading Wheat Belly by Dr William Davis. He provides a compelling argument about how we have been rorted into thinking that the foods we are eating today are actually the same – how can they be when so many more people are developing allergies and intolerances so much later in life? I know that I have a huge intolerance to gluten so have had to change my diet significantly to avoid discomfort – why? Because the food environment we are now exposed to differs vastly from what we experienced as kids.

Add to this the mass production of milk and what they are feeding cows and you can understand how one might start to think about what foods are good for us and what foods are not!

In amongst all of these you can still find some great products that help with the discomfort and bloating. One such product is green tea. This is an amazing imported product from China and Japan that detoxes the body and aides in digestion. Green tea has also been known to help in weight loss and improve the immune system. If you can drink 2-3 cups a day (preferably with your meals) you will begin to notice a vast improvement in your digestion and may even see some of those extra kilos start to melt away. The best type of green tea to drink is a loose leaf one so you can make a pot of it and let it steep during the day. Drinking it cold with a dash of lemon juice and ginger is also a great way to drink it.

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